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Introduction to the Art and Illustrations Thematic group


    The Art and Illustrations Thematic Group is led by Mis. Lu, Hui-Wen, Assistant Professor of Graduate Institute of Art History in National Taiwan University(NTU), and consists of two teams: the Artifacts Team and Painting and Calligraphy Team. The former is currently  responsible for four projects: “Digital Archives Sub-Project of Antiquities in the National Palace Museum” (Antiquities Department), “Digital Archives Sub-Project of Conservation Database of Artifacts in the National Palace Museum” (Conservation Department), “Making The Song of Formosa─Digital Archives of Lien Cheng Saxophone Memorial Hall” (National Museum of Natural Science), and the “Digital Museum of the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts: Digital Archives Sub-Project of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy in the National Palace Museum” (Painting and Calligraphy Department).

    The Thematic Group mainly focuses on setting up the Taiwan Diversity Network, which coordinates existing digital results to present the abundant contents of art and imagery topics and to organize and categorize the contents in order to achieve the goal of “presenting the diversity of culture, society, and nature in Taiwan.”



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