Copyright Declaration

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 The website of Taiwan Digital Archives Expansion Project Copyright declaration


When surfing or using this website, we consider that the users has totally accept and realize all the standards, related laws of the Republic of China, international Internet regulations and using conventions, and you can not use this website to do something illegal.


Under the circumstances of the limitation to individual and the non-business purposes, users can freely surf and use this website according to the laws of intellectual property rights. Or they can download the related information which can be downloaded legally in the website, but you have to state the sources.


Business organizations or groups can not copy, reproduce, spread, broadcast publicly or publish the contents in this website by any form without the agreement of the authors of the printed pages and the project.


Excepting the specifications, all the copyrights of the publishing contents, words, pictures, videos, software and programs are owned and authorized by the National Digital Archives Program or the holders who has obtained the copyrights. These are also protected by the copyright law of R.O.C.


In order to esteem the intellectual property rights, we will give the sources of the archives on the website. If you want to cite the information, you can contact with us or directly with the copyright holders.


The copyrights of the hyperlinks on our website are owned by the original website or the protective organization.


Every individual or the website of non-business organization can freely link to our website by hyperlink. Please use our website logo when you link. 



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