About Virtual Library

Digital Archives

The “Virtual Library” contains our important publications and project achievements over the past years. Here you can browse contents related to digitization techniques, especially the digitization workflow process. The section entitled “digital courses” contains learning materials on various digital workshops held in the past. Course topics include: digital photography workshop, color management workshop, and the meta-information workshop. All of these digital courses contain precious information related to digitization provided by experts and scholars from their practical, hands-on experience. The “digital books” contain important guidelines, information, and other compilations on the digital workflow process such as the “Illustrated Series of the Digital Workflow Process” and the “Guideline Series for the Digitization Workflow Process”. In the illustrated book series, we directly record the digitization process of each project, while the guidelines series categorizes the digital contents according to type of archive. If you are interested in the digitization process, you can find what you need here.

You can also find collections of our conference articles which we have compiled. In the “Digitization Workflow Videos”, we record the digital workflow process of every project: with the help of images and sounds, we hope to clarify the digitization process. By watching the videos you can follow the digitization of each project more clearly. The “Digital Archives Collection Room” provides the latest information on developments in the digitized world. We report on new trends in digital development and also introduce important websites and issues related to digital archive development in Taiwan and throughout the world.