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Taiwan Diversity Digital Map

Taiwan has been the melting pot of a diverse variety of cultures over the past 400 years. The island contains a multitude of historical relics from the colonial culture of Holland and Spain, the Min-nan immigrants (during the Ming and Qing Dynasty), the Japanese colonial occupation period, and the post-war emigrants from mainland China. Relics from the pre-historic period can also be found on the island. Taiwan has become the home of a variety of ethnic groups such as the aborigines, Minnan and Hakka ethnic groups, post-war Chinese emigrants, and immigrants from the Southern Pacific Regions. These groups have greatly enriched and diversified the island’s cultural heritage.

The preservation of biodiversity is an issue of primary concern in nearly all countries of the world today. Taiwan’s geographic terrain, climate, and ecological diversity have endowed the island with some of the most unique plants and animals in the world. As such, Taiwan is truly a treasure island of biodiversity.

In the “Taiwan Diversity Digital Map” we have systematically catalogued all archival resources and organizations active in digitally preserving the island’s cultural heritage and biodiversity. You can browse through these archival resources which have been organized according to region and thematic category. Researchers investigating topics related to Taiwan or those individuals who simply want to know more about the island can use these digital maps as a basis for exploring the cultural and biological diversity of Taiwan. We also hope that these digital maps will serve as a window for understanding the interaction of diverse cultures on the island, affirm Taiwan’s core cultural values, and foster respect, understanding, and solidarity among the peoples of Taiwan.