Privacy Announcement

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 Taiwan Digital Archives Expansion Project Privacy announcement

When you subscribe the e-paper of this project, participate in the activities or other related activities, please provide your name, ID, address, phone number, e-mail or other related information. The individual information we collect will use as member service, answering questions and advertising the activities according to the specific purpose. We will not use the information over the specific purpose and we also won’t expose to a third party.


The policy of sending e-mail or information on the website: Through your subscription, we will send you the e-paper about our project regularly. In addition that we will explain the source on the e-paper, you can also use the website functions to cancel your subscription anytime.


About the obligation of participating in the project: All the members in this project and the people who use the website service provided by our project have the obligation to maintain and update the in formation of their organizations and to ensure that the information is correct, the latest and complete. If your cipher or ID is stolen, or there are any problems about safety, please contact with us by e-mail and the attendants will assist you in dealing with these problems.


The members’ behaviors in the project should follow the domestic and foreign law standard and they have to pay the responsibility for the problems about their own ID and cipher.




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